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Outfit details can often be overlooked and undervalued. A pop of color here and a pinch of flair there can leave your blazer shirt combo fresh faced and equipped to break necks, so use with caution.

_DSC2443 _DSC2448image1 (5)

Tie and Tie Bar Tommy Hilfiger

Flower Lapel The Tie Bar

Pocket Square Ted Baker

Watch Emporio Armani

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Invest In Yourself | My Go-To #OOTD

Everyone has that go-to outfit, their superhero cape, their birthday suit, their Sunday best. However such an outfit should not be saved JUST for a special occasion. Invest in yourself and obtain that go-to outfit for everyday use. Why feel invisible for just one day when it can be always.

My go-to is a simple fitted blazer, crisp shirt and popping pocket square. Try it out and let me know how it feels.





Blazer H&M

Jeans Zara

Shirt Topman

Watch Armani Exchange

6 Week Change Update (Accepting Weak Moments and Overcoming Obstacles)

Adhering to the schedule has not been easy. There have been late nights, weekend binges and a hell of a lot of sushi. But here’s the catch, those a real obstacles.

I am not here to sugar coat the transition, and lead anyone astray that this change is a walk in the park. It is an uphill struggle featuring cottage cheese, sweat and frustration. But it is my journey and internally I can feel change. That is what’s important.

Week 4 is here and although my external results are not there yet, I am already equipped to be ok with enjoying myself at the weekend and indulging in my sushi addiction, because I know I have trained my body to want to work out. I have trained my body to expect exhaustion and crave the post workout pain. That is what the change is about.

Here is my Week 4 workout and talking points. Comment, share, like and stay tuned. I will be back on track.

Talking Style With Davey Havok

There are certain people who simply ooze style, and AFI frontman, author, model, actor and designer Davey Havok is one of them. I was lucky enough to chat with the charming gentleman on Styleogue today, be sure to check out the clips as the week progresses. In the meantime, check out the snaps from the interview and outfit details, involving the trendy Brave GentleMan clothing.

image1 (4) image2 (2) image3 (1) image4 (1) image5 (1) image6 (1) image7 (1)

Daveys Outfit:




Francis’s Outfit:




Tie and Lapel

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Workout Of The Week | #WOTW


Here is my favorite workout of last week, and by favorite I mean god awful/amazing. From dead-lifts to shoulder press to farmers walks and squats, this workout not only focuses on working the primary shoulder and back muscles, your full body is calling out by the end of it.

I want you guys to engage and let me know in the comments what I should be adding or what I should be doing less of. Anything and everything that will help.

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Progress and Recovery (Week 2: Battle Rope Workout)

Oh no, cue the raised eyebrows, here comes a topless selfie. But what is the point of a six week change without documenting the change right. I am closing in on the end of week two and I cannot stress enough how this documentary has influenced my workout. No more “ok that will do” or “I have done enough today” but instead the pressure of the lens has forced me to push through and hold myself accountable.

Take a look at my recent workout and my post workout pic and recovery snack.

 image1 (2)

image2 (1)

POST RECOVERY SNACK: Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Dark Chocolate Granola, Banana and Protein Shake

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Week 2 Thoughts | 6 WEEK CHANGE

So week two came hard and fast, and I felt it on this weeks dead-lift workout. Again, limited for time I opted to superset my workouts and the sweat began to pour. With the camera holding me accountable I was once again able to push through the obstacles and temptation to quit, and finish the workout.


5min Run: Leg Press

Main Lift

3×5 Deadlift : Pushups 3×10

3×8 Overhead Barbell Press: 3×8 Rows

3×10 Single Arm Lawnmower Rows: 3×8 Barbell Curls

3×8 Flat Ground Dumbbell Chest Press : 3×6 Single Arm Chest Press: 3×10 Exlposive Pushups

What could I be doing to better my workout?

What should I be adding as the weeks progress?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks guys and be sure to stay PREPared for more Fitness and Fashion blogs coming each week.

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30 Minute Weekend Workout

Just because it is Superbowl Weekend, doesn’t mean I can slack on the training program. But what it does mean is cutting a few seconds off my rest time and minimizing my water breaks to get the shift done in time to head home and pretend that I know what is going on during the game.

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Thanks guys and be sure to stay PREPared for more Fitness and Fashion blogs coming each week.

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